Summary of Learning Assignment

collaboration at its finest

I had the chance to work with Altan for this assignment, and together we created an animated Powtoon dialogue that outlined what we learned throughout this semester. There were too many things to include, so it was difficult to recap in only 10 minutes, but we did our best to cover most of it!

One challenge that we encountered when making the video was getting our voices at the same volume throughout the video. Altan found a program called GoldWave, that helped solve this problem, and it was neat to learn how to use it.

Although we prepared our script ahead of time, Altan contributed so many new things that I didn’t know or hadn’t thought – our draft was continuously changing. It was interesting to collaborate in this way, and as you will notice at the end of our video – we had a blast making it!

I need to thank Altan for being so very patient with me during the process of making this project. I asked to re-record the voice overs more times than not. He was more patient than I was with myself and had a vision that turned into a nice cumulative project.

Thanks to everyone for making this class really enjoyable!

Created using Powtoon

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