Italian 101 – Week 7

In the world of YouTube

After seeing that Kalyn was exploring all sorts of YouTube videos (like Learn French While You Sleep), I knew it was time to give YouTube a shot! I’m so glad I did!


1. Italy Made Easy

The first video that caught my attention was called, Italian Definite Articles – What they are and how to use them. If you’ve been following my Italian learning journey, you’ll know that back in Week 2 of my progress, I was very confused that there were so many different ways to say the article ‘the.’ I’ve been able to manage, but this video explained it so well! The host, Manu, is also funny, which makes his channel very engaging. And it turns out, my confusion two weeks in was justified – there are 7 ways of saying ‘the’ in Italian!

From YouTube Channel ‘Italy Made Easy

2. Learn Italian with

This was the second channel I found with a large variety of resources that I found useful. Because my Duolingo learning hasn’t yet introduced a lot of conversational vocabulary, I decided to watch the section ‘Learn Italian with Italiano in Tre Minuti‘. These videos were very clear, repetitive and easy to understand.

From YouTube Channel ‘Learn Italian with

3. LearnAmo

This was another channel that I really enjoyed exploring. Although the hosts on LearnAmo only speak Italian, I find the videos easy to understand because although I can’t understand every word, I can understand the context of the video with the hand gestures and the writing on the screen. In addition to this YouTube channel, the LearnAmo blog and organizes their videos in categories which makes the videos easy to navigate.

From YouTube Channel ‘LearnAmo


I’ve been keeping up with Gamorrah for the past couple of weeks and the story line has quickly taken a violent turn! It being about an Italian Mafia, I should have seen this coming! Here’s my summary of Episode 2: Te fidi de me? and Episode 3: L’omm ‘e casa.

Episode 2 – SummaryNew Words Introduced
– In this episode there are rumors of there being a traitor in Savastano’s Mafia
– Ciro is grieving the loss of his friend and father figure – he breaks the news to Attilio’s family but the wife is so upset and doesn’t want anything else to do with the Mafia or Ciro
– Pietro Savastano is worried that someone will soon sell him out for illegal activity and feels the need to begin preparing for his son, Genny, to take over the business – He gives Ciro the job of taking Genny to shoot someone for the first time
– Genny is left traumatized by the event, but Ciro’s assistance with this job helps assure Pietro that he can trust Ciro to be Genny’s right-hand man when the time comes
– Pietro thinks he knows who the traitor is, ‘takes care of him’, and wears the traitor’s jacket out as he leaves his apartment
– At the end of the episode, Ciro is about to make a phone call, alluding to him being the traitor, but instead burns the number after hearing that Genny was in a severe motorcycle accident (but in reality an attempted suicide)
– When Pietro hears of the accident, he speeds towards the hospital, gets pulled over by the police and gets checked – to his dismay, there were drugs in his jacket pocket and he was arrested for possession
Un paio d’ore
Episode 3New Words
– Pietro’s in jail and all the inmates are very respectful of him (likely because he has so much money) but the warden makes sure that he knows he won’t be receiving any special treatment just because of his social status
-In the previous episode, Pietro’s biggest worry was to end up in jail – his wife assured him that it wouldn’t happen and if he was that concerned, he could flee and go into hiding, but Pietro preferred to not run like his father did — all things considered, he took the transition fairly well
– All is well with Genny – he gets released from the hospital and is recovery quickly
– With Pietro in jail, Genny is temporarily in charge of business affairs, but it seems that he is more interested in getting a special someone’s attention
– Genny arranges for an Italian singer to perform for a small group of guests as he tries to impress this lady
– Meanwhile in prison, Pietro sees that the inmates are not being treated fairly in his cell which motivates him to work around the rules and wreak havoc — all the other inmates follow suit which begins to annoy the warden
Apri la bocca
La parola del signore
Non ti preoccupare

I’m beginning to notice that I will catch on to phrases instead of just single words. This has made watching the show easier as my need to read the subtitles decreases.


With everything else I’ve explored this week, I’ve kept up with Duolingo, but not at the same pace as previous weeks. My lesson this week was on ‘Possession’ so incorporating words such as: your, my, our, her, his, its, their. I’ve noticed the placement of these possessive words confuses me, like in the following example:

  • When translating “You read my books” the correct response is “Tu leggi i miei libri” which literally means “You read the my books

In this example, I need to know the correct order of the words, know which ‘the’ (their are 7 options), and I need to know which ‘my’ to use (there are 4 options). There are so many options because these words take into account feminine/masculine/plural/singular variations. I decided to not make a Sketchpad summary this week because this summary provided by Duolingo would just have been copied with some embellishments.

What I’ve learned:

  • Language learning is really a gradual process – I feel that immersing myself with the language has been helpful but this week’s progress was difficult to track
  • I feel confident with my pronunciation and my ability to read and compose sentences – so I will use these skills to help put together next week’s last blog post
  • How to change the speed of a YouTube video

Where I can improve:

  • I’ve opted to make videos every second week, so I will ensure that next week’s video showcases what I’ve learnt with some type of media
  • My focus these past few weeks has been increasing in vocabulary, so I will try to learn more verbs to better equip me for next week’s post.